Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Oregon Garden

It's summer and the sun has finally come to stay awhile. I've been needing to get out and do something fun but the weather has been inconsistent and public transportation has been unreliable. It kind of killed my mojo- so this trip was a much necessary outing!

I started planning my Bookish Travel to Silverton the night before. I stayed up way past midnight since I was so excited. I woke up at 5am, a little earlier than I needed to but I wanted everything to work out smoothly.

After 4 buses and a little over 3 hours later, I made it to where I needed to be! (All in all, it only cost about $12 to get there and back.)

Silverton had everything I look for in a place I'd want to visit: a library, a bookstore, Little Free Libraries, a bridge, and a labyrinth. I'm actually surprised I got to see all these. Plus, the Oregon Garden was just incredible.

I was able to visit this 80-acre botanical garden for free since it was a Cultural Pass destination at one of the libraries I'm a patron of. I loved that I was able to take my time to enjoy everything.

Even before the actual garden grounds, I was able to walk past the Gordon House- the only building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Oregon. 

Before I went exploring, I had to grab some breakfast at the Little Leaf Cafe in the Visitor Center. Then, off I went. I figured I'd share the pictures I took organized by the themed gardens I visited.


A-Mazing Water Garden




I walked past the Oregon Garden Resort where the Oregon chapter of SCBWI used to hold their conferences which I never got attend but had always wanted to.


Rediscovery Forest



Northwest Gardens Pergola

Axis Garden and Rose Petal Fountain /  Bosque

Children's Garden

Sensory Garden

Pet-Friendly Garden- Bobbie the Wonder Dog

Art in the Garden

Rose Garden


I definitely wouldn't mind coming back and enjoying the Oregon Garden.

You can read about my visit to the library here.

You can read about my visit to the bookstore here.

You can read about my visit to the labyrinth here.

Even though, I get vertigo when I'm up too high, I love bridges and Silverton had this nice covered bridge- The Silverton Creek Covered Pedestrian Bridge.

And, apparently, Silverton is famous as the home of Bobbie the Wonder Dog, who had gotten separated from his owners and traveled thousands of miles to get back home.

 Silverton was a much needed trip and was more than I expected! I had a wonderful day!

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