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I guess it would make sense for me to like labyrinths. I do love walking and am always trying to find peaceful moments. Of course, for the longest time, I only associated labyrinths as elaborate mazes- which I also enjoy- but the ones I'm obsessed about are usually circular and circuitous pathways that have a center point which can be used as a meditative act. I still haven't read much about them but I love trying to find them.

The first labyrinth I can remember walking was the one outside Seattle's Space Needle back in May 2010. I'm pretty confident since my friends and I just stumbled upon it and I didn't really know what they were that I just ran the entire way! [1]

Labyrinths weren't really in my radar. The next one I came across was by Estacada Library in May 2012. [2]

It wasn't until 2018 when Cerimon House opened up by my work that I became intrigued about them. I was actually first introduced to the place because of a volunteering thing I was doing. I learned they held monthly labyrinth walks but the dates never worked out with my schedule until October. 

"I just had a wonderful time walking my first labyrinth. The whole experience was beautiful, thoughtful, relaxing, and surprisingly full of discovery and delight. I recommend experiencing it yourself as an alternative to the hustle and bustle of everyday life."

They changed the theme and intention regularly and there were various designs used. I don't have any pictures of the labyrinths there because they wanted to keep it as a surprise for those who hadn't done one yet. I really enjoyed the various activities they built around each walk.

The last walk I did there was probably New Year's Day 2020.

 Nowadays, I love seeing if the places I travel to has a labyrinth for me to walk. 

During my San Francisco trip back in May 2018, I was able to walk the beautiful labyrinths of Grace Cathedral- the one inside the chapel and the one in the courtyard. [5]

I've walked labyrinths in Seattle [1, 8], San Francisco [5], Rochester [6], Las Vegas [19, 20], and, of course, Portland- and some other places. I can't wait to see where else my love of labyrinths will take me.

I've compiled a list of the ones I've visited below and will continue to add as I come across more.

I hope you will take the time to experience labyrinths as well.

1. Space Needle (Seattle, WA)- May 29, 2010 [Outdoor; Permanent]

2. Estacada Library (Estacada, OR)- May 12, 2012 [Outdoor; Permanent; During library hours]

3. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church- May 3, 2018 [Outdoor; Permanent]

4. Cerimon House- First: October 20, 2018; Last: January 1, 2020; Multiple times in between, various designs [Indoor; Temporary; Scheduled]

5. Grace Cathedral (San Francisco, CA)- May 2, 2019 [Indoor; Permanent; During church hours] [Outdoor; Permanent]

6. First Unitarian Church (Rochester, NY)- May 2018 [Outdoor; Permanent]

7. Tabor Heights United Methodist Church- September 14, 2019 [Outdoor; Permanent]

8. Denny Park (Seattle, WA)- October 25, 2019 [Outdoor; Permanent]

9. The Grotto- September 3, 2020 [Outdoor; Permanent; Paid admission]

10. Mount Tabor Presbyterian- March 12, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]
11. Central Lutheran Church- April 17, 2021 [Outdoor; Scheduled]
12. Intersection of N. Holman St. and N. Wilbur Ave.- April 27, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]- I tried walking this one but the lines were kind of hard to make out. Plus, I couldn't really get into the right frame of mind worried of getting run over!

13. Happy Valley City Hall (Happy Valley, OR)- May 1, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]

14. Unity Spiritual Center of Portland- May 6, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]

15. Metanoia Peace Community- May 7, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]

16. Franciscan Spiritual Center (Milwaukie, OR)- May 7, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]

17. Pilgrim Lutheran Church- June 10, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]
18. N. Willamette Blvd. between Burage Ct. and N. Delaware Ave.- June 10, 2021 [Outdoor- Front Yard]

19. Reunion Trails Park (Henderson, NV)- July 4, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]

20. Huntridge Circle Park (Las Vegas, NV)- July 4, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]
21. Marysville Elementary School- July 8, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]
22. Vancouver United Church of Christ (Hazel Dell, WA)- September 23, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]

23. St. Luke's Episcopal Church (Gresham, OR)- October 2, 2021 [Outdoor; Permanent]

24. Trinity Episcopal Cathedral- February 28, 2022 [Indoor; Scheduled]

25. Min Zidell Healing Garden- March 4, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent; Open during school hours]

26. St. Rose School- March 5, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]

27. Christ United Methodist Church- March 11, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]
28. Creator Lutheran Church (Clackamas, OR)- March 25, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]

[X] Kaiser Permanente- Sunnyside Medical Center (Clackamas, OR)- March 25, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent; Open during visiting hours]- Technically, I went here but I can't count it since I didn't get a chance to walk the labyrinth due to it being used as an outdoor sitting area.

29. NE 66th Ave. between NE Stanton St. and NE Siskiyou St.- April 15, 2022 [Outdoor- Front Yard]

 30. St. Michael & All Angels Church- April 15, 2022 [Indoor; Scheduled]

31. Cedar Hills United Church of Christ- April 22, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]

32. West Linn Lutheran Church- May 13, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]
33. Spirit of Grace (Beaverton, OR)- May 20, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]

34. St. James Episcopal Church (Tigard, OR)- May 20, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]
35. Pacific University (Forest Grove, OR)- June 3, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]- Even though the path was obstructed, I was still able to walk it.

36. Hosford Middle School- June 8, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent; Open when school is not in session]
37. Mt. Scott Rock Spiral- June 8, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]
38. St. Edwards Episcopal Church (Silverton, OR)- June 23, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]

39. West Hills Friends Church- July 8, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]

40. Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church- August 19, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]

41. Seattle University- September 15, 2022 [Outdoor; Permanent]

42. Kaiser Permanente- Sunnyside Medical Center (Clackamas, OR)- January 13, 2023 [Outdoor; Permanent; Open during visiting hours]- I had gone to this one after #28 and noted that I wasn't able to walk it but I'm glad I went back.


43. Marylhurst Heights Park (West Linn, OR)- January 19, 2023 [Outdoor; Permanent]

44. Legacy Meridian Park  Hospital (Tualatin, OR)- January 20, 2023 [Outdoor; Permanent]

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