Friday, June 1, 2012


My grandfather died in mid-May. For three years in a row now, a family member of mine has passed away. You would think dealing with loss of a loved one gets easier the more frequently it happens but each one is as earth shattering and heartbreaking as the one before. And every time you have to figure out to be fine again.

One of my last (lasting?) impressions of him was just how strong he was. He suffered a major stroke when I was still living in Las Vegas. When he recovered from that, I remember walking with him around the hospital. I was amazed by his ability to bounce back like nothing happened.

And, I haven’t mentioned this before but a few months ago, my sister’s grandmother passed away, as well. I didn’t feel like I had the right to mourn since I wasn’t really a part of her life. But I think everyone who crosses our paths leaves some sort of impact in our lives. As a kid- and growing up,- I’ve seen how welcoming, loving, and caring she was to everyone.

I wish I could be there for my family and everyone affected by these events. In our memories of the people we’ve lost and in the ways they’ve helped us be who we are, they’ll always live on.

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