Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Changes

May was a transitional month. My grandfather died, as I mentioned Remembrances.

I reached (and surpassed) my goal to volunteer 100 hours for 2012! I’m definitely looking forward to do more.

In extremely exciting news, I am now a Friends of the Library Board Member. I can’t wait to help them be the awesome support system they are! (The library measure passed. I was hoping to vote during the May election but I’m still waiting for my citizenship.)

I also got laid off. I likened it to senior year of high school with graduation just around the corner (having given two weeks of advanced notice.) There’s this sadness that I won’t get to see and talk to the people I’ve gotten to know over the years on a daily basis. But I know I’ll keep in contact with them. And, I’m glad I’m leaving the company on a positive note and I wish it nothing but success.

There were a lot of festive moments with co-workers during this time. I attended probably one of the best parties of my life. I had been wanting a backyard barbecue and that happened. I got to toast my first ever s’mores. There was also a trampoline… And, of course, the people there were awesome. A fun time was had by all.

Another silver lining of this situation is I feel excited about what the future holds- all the possibilities out there, all the adventures that are waiting for me.

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