Wednesday, September 26, 2012

List of Other Libraries I’ve Visited

In addition to my previous post, which has since become outdated, there were the 18 Little Free Libraries plus the 5 other “neighborhood book boxes” around Portland that I’ve also checked out. What I loved about these mini-libraries is that like their full sized counterparts, they promote community. For example, one of these unofficial libraries is located in Share-It Square in Sellwood where the other corners in the intersection are a community bulletin board, a kid’s clubhouse, and a tea station. The one in the Buckman neighborhood stands next to the community compost site.

There’s also the Book, Zine and Treasure Exchange on SE Division.

Little Free Libraries- 18 (In order of visit)

·         16123 NW Andalusian Way
·         1380 SW Westwood Dr.
·         4765 SW Admiral St.
·         3107 SE Knapp St
·         1603.5 SE 58th Ave
·         602 NE Laurelhurst Pl
·         4206 NE 30th Ave
·         765 NW Angeline Ave.
·         1027 NW 1st St.
·         8046 SW 6th Ave.
·         17189 Carlson Ct.
·         1565 N. Shaver St.
·         6934 N. Concord Ave.
·         8971 N. Fortune Ave.
·         1303 SE 114th Ave.
·         SE 51st & Madison
·         7618 SE Duke Street
·         19112 S. Winton Dr.

Neighborhood Book Boxes- 5 (In order of visit)
·         SE 9th Ave and SE Sherrett St
·         NE Ridgewood Dr and NE 25th Ave (I think this became an actual LFL but I’m not counting it as one.)
·         SE 15th Ave and SE Alder St
·         SE 19th Ave and SE Washington St
·         SE 33rd Ave and SE Belmont St

Book, Zine and Treasure Exchange on SE Division

Special Rooms

  • Rare Books Room (Powell’s City of Books)
  • Sterling Writers Room (Central Library)
  • John Wilsons Special Collections (Central Library)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

List of Bookstores I've Visited

(Updated March 14, 2014)

I wish I had a better memory! Or, that I had started making lists when I was younger. Basically, these are bookstores I’ve visited since 2008. Mostly, they’re in Portland- unless indicated. Of course, I had visited all the Barnes & Noble and Borders locations in Las Vegas but I didn’t include those.

I'm going to count 75 bookstores. (Plus there are 2 that I don't have the names of. So any help would be appreciated!)
  • A Children’s Place Bookstore-
  • Ampersand-
  • Annie Bloom’s Books-
  • Arcade Book Exchange-
  • Armchair Books Paperback Exchange
  • Barnes & Noble- Bridgeport-
  • Barnes & Noble- Clackamas Town Center Mall-
  • Barnes & Noble- Lloyd Center-
  • Barnes & Noble- Tanasbourne-
  • Barnes & Noble- Vancouver-
  • Barnes & Noble- Washington Square-
  • Barnes & Noble College @ Pacific University-
  • Bingo Used Books-
  • Bridge City Comics-
  • Broadway Books-
  • Cameron’s Books and Magazines-
  • Cosmic Monkey Comics!-
  • Counter Media
  • Daedelus Books
  • Division Leap-
  • Dollar Books-
  • Floating World Comics (New location)-
  • Green Bean Books-
  • Hawthorne Boulevard Books
  • In Other Words-
  • Jacobsen’s Books & More-
  • Jan’s Paperbacks-
  • Kinokuniya Bookstores (Uwajimaya/ Beaverton)-
  • Longfellows Books-
  • McKenzie Books-
  • Microcosm Publishing-
  • Million Books for Kids (Bridgeport Village) (Old location)-
  • Monograph Bookwerks-
  • Mother Foucault’s Bookshop
  • New Renaissance Bookshop-
  • Paper Moon Books
  • Portland State Bookstore-
  • Powell’s- Cedar Hills Crossing-
  • Powell’s - City of Books on Burnside-
  • Powell’s- Hawthorne-
  • Powell’s- Home & Garden-
  • Powell’s- Powell’s Books Bldg. 2 (Relocated Technical Books)-
  • Powell’s- Airport - Concourse C-
  • Powell’s- Airport - Concourse D-
  • Powell’s- Airport- Oregon Market Location-
  • Reading Frenzy- OLD LOCATION
  • St. Johns Booksellers-
  • Things From Another World (Portland)-
  • Vintage Books (Vancouver)-
  • Wallace Books
  • Bookstore Visited in Hawthorne by Powell’s, next to Buffalo Exchange
  • Periodicals & Books Paradise
  • Another Read Through- OLD LOCATION
  • Ex Libris Anonymous- 
  • Anthology Booksellers-
  • Crooked House Books & Papers-

Library and Friends of the Library Bookstores (housed in a separate building)
  • Book Corner (Friends of the Beaverton City Library)-
  • The Booktique (Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library)-
  • Friends’ Library Store- Central Library (Friends of the Multnomah County Library)-
  • Friends of the Oregon City Library Used Book Store-
  • Ledding Library Pound House Used Book Store-
  • The Title Wave Used Bookstore-
  • Twice Sold Tales (Wilsonville Friends of the Library)-

  • Bauman Rare Books (The Shoppes at the Palazzo)-
  • Bayfront Books- Oakland International Airport (Oakland)
  • Dead Poet Books (Las Vegas)
  • Hudson Booksellers- McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas)
  • Lion Heart Book Store (Seattle)
  • Plaza Books (Las Vegas)
  • The Tenth Muse Bookstore (Seaside)

  • [CLOSED] Barnes & Noble- Jantzen Beach
  • [CLOSED] Bazillion Books for Kids (Pearl District)
  • [CLOSED] Borders- Beaverton
  • [CLOSED] Borders- Downtown
  • [CLOSED] Borders- Gresham
  • [CLOSED] Borders- Tigard
  • [CLOSED] Borders- Vancouver
  • [CLOSED] Floating World Comics (Old location)
  • [CLOSED] Friends’ Library Store- Pop-Up Store (Friends of the Multnomah County Library)
  • [CLOSED] Looking Glass Bookstore
  • [CLOSED] Main Street Books (Hillsboro)
  • [CLOSED] Powell’s- Technical Books
  • [CLOSED] The Reading Room (Mandalay Bay) (Las Vegas)
  • [CLOSED] Twenty-Third Avenue Books
  • [CLOSED]Murder By the Book-
  • [CLOSED] Second Glance Books-

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

List of Libraries I've Visited

(Updated April 4, 2013)

I love libraries. Really.

And I love lists. I do.

I've visited about 61 libraries in the Portland area counting those that have closed or relocated.

I really need to do a library hop when I go back to Las Vegas!
Multnomah County Library (19)- In alphabetical order

  • Albina
  • Belmont
  • Capitol Hill
  • Central
  • Fairview-Columbia
  • Gregory Heights
  • Gresham
  • Hillsdale
  • Holgate
  • Hollywood
  • Kenton
  • Midland
  • North Portland
  • Northwest
  • Rockwood
  • Sellwood-Moreland
  • St. Johns
  • Troutdale
  • Woodstock

Washington County Cooperative Library Services (16)- From my most to least favorite

  • Tigard Public Library
  • Tualatin Public Library
  • Sherwood Public Library
  • Beaverton City Library
  • Hillsboro Shute Park Branch
  • Forest Grove City Library
  • Hillsboro Main Library
  • Cornelius Public Library
  • Cedar Mill Community Library @ Bethany
  • Cedar Mill Community Library
  • Garden Home Community Library
  • West Slope Community Library
  • Oregon College of Art & College
  • Tuality Health Resource Center
  • Beaverton City Library @ Murray Scholls
  • Aloha Community Library*

Libraries in Clackamas County (11)- In order of visit

  • Clackamas County Library- Clackamas Corner branch [Closed]
  • Ledding Library of Milwaukie
  • Clackamas County Library- Oak Lodge branch
  • Oregon City Public Library [Moved]
  • Lake Oswego Public Library
  • West Linn Public Library
  • Gladstone Public Library
  • Oregon City Public Library [Relocated Oregon City Public Library]
  • Sunnyside Library [Replaced Clackamas County Library- Clackamas Corner branch]
  • Estacada Public Library
  • Wilsonville Public Library

University Libraries (6)- In order of visit


Non-Traditional (8)- In order of visit

Others/Noteworthy (6)- In order of visit
  • Cannon Beach Library (Cannon Beach, OR)
  • Vancouver Community Library (Main) (Fort Vancouver Regional Library District; Vancouver, WA) [Moved]
  • Galleria Library (Henderson Library District; Henderson, NV)
  • Central Library- Seattle Public Library
  • Vancouver Community Library (Main) (Fort Vancouver Regional Library District; Vancouver, WA) [Relocated Vancouver Community Library]
  • Vancouver Mall Community Library (Fort Vancouver Regional Library District; Vancouver, WA)