Wednesday, September 26, 2012

List of Other Libraries I’ve Visited

In addition to my previous post, which has since become outdated, there were the 18 Little Free Libraries plus the 5 other “neighborhood book boxes” around Portland that I’ve also checked out. What I loved about these mini-libraries is that like their full sized counterparts, they promote community. For example, one of these unofficial libraries is located in Share-It Square in Sellwood where the other corners in the intersection are a community bulletin board, a kid’s clubhouse, and a tea station. The one in the Buckman neighborhood stands next to the community compost site.

There’s also the Book, Zine and Treasure Exchange on SE Division.

Little Free Libraries- 18 (In order of visit)

·         16123 NW Andalusian Way
·         1380 SW Westwood Dr.
·         4765 SW Admiral St.
·         3107 SE Knapp St
·         1603.5 SE 58th Ave
·         602 NE Laurelhurst Pl
·         4206 NE 30th Ave
·         765 NW Angeline Ave.
·         1027 NW 1st St.
·         8046 SW 6th Ave.
·         17189 Carlson Ct.
·         1565 N. Shaver St.
·         6934 N. Concord Ave.
·         8971 N. Fortune Ave.
·         1303 SE 114th Ave.
·         SE 51st & Madison
·         7618 SE Duke Street
·         19112 S. Winton Dr.

Neighborhood Book Boxes- 5 (In order of visit)
·         SE 9th Ave and SE Sherrett St
·         NE Ridgewood Dr and NE 25th Ave (I think this became an actual LFL but I’m not counting it as one.)
·         SE 15th Ave and SE Alder St
·         SE 19th Ave and SE Washington St
·         SE 33rd Ave and SE Belmont St

Book, Zine and Treasure Exchange on SE Division

Special Rooms

  • Rare Books Room (Powell’s City of Books)
  • Sterling Writers Room (Central Library)
  • John Wilsons Special Collections (Central Library)

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