Monday, April 30, 2012

April: By the Numbers

139.2 Pounds, as of this morning. As often as I find myself on the elliptical, my weight loss goal would probably be more attainable if I cut down on eating out. I wish burgers weren’t so delicious!

116 Books read this year, including 11 by Dr. Seuss and 1 Caldecott winner this month for my Reading Challenges. I reread “Charlotte’s Web” and it has become one of my favorite favorites!

84 Volunteer hours so far this year. My goal is 100. I passed the 50-hour mark at Kenton Library. Reading and selecting stories for their next anthology, I'm reminded of how much Write Around Portland does for the community. They give voices to those who want and need to be heard through the power of writing.

29 Years Old. I wasn't really looking forward to my birthday since 29 is such a boring number but everyone made it feel all “wrapped up, packed up, ribbon with a bow on it.”

12 Comments made on “The Chronicles Of A Children’s Book Writer” which means I’ll be donating 12 books to The Children’s Book Bank.

8 Fingers (and 2 thumbs!) fingerprinted. While it’s taking much slower than I anticipated, the process for becoming a US citizen is moving along.

6 Posts written for “The Chronicles Of A Children’s Book Writer” and “Library Hopping.”

2 New Libraries visited.

1 Man (me!) who just wants to say thank you to everyone reading this!

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