Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Year in Review

2014 was going to be all about the moments.

It wasn't particularly momentous but sometimes that's how life is. It's not always going to be a big year but the little things that happen along the way make up for a lot.

Here's a look back:

Healthy moments- When you’re taking care of yourself so you can have many more moments to enjoy in the future.

Year-End Thoughts: I managed to not eat fast food for a whole year but I didn't feel particularly healthier. I still ate a gross amount of food. And I ended up spending more money eating out too much at restaurants. I did walk more over the summer- mostly to and from work and I can't wait for nicer weather again!

Writerly moments- Hopefully I’ll have these kinds soon and plenty of them!

Bookish moments- When you’re taking time to enjoy a good book.

Year-End Thoughts: I'll share my writerly and bookish moments on my other blog. But for April I did write a poem a day.

Learning moments- Can refer to professional and personal development or from life experiences.

Year-End Thoughts: I'm carrying "Learn Spanish" and "Learn Sign Language" over to 2015! How many years is that now?

Productive moments- When you’re just getting things done.

Celebratory moments- When you accomplish what you set out to do. Celebrate big and small victories!

Year-End Thoughts: I got to spend time with family and friends during my annual trip to Las Vegas. I also managed to visit San Francisco which was a highlight of the year.

Festive moments- Times you’re just happy because you’re with people you love and doing things you’re passionate about.

Year-End Thoughts: I finally got to see The Nutcracker this Christmas. I also went to a Christmas Eve Christmas Carol before the vigil. I continued a couple of my holiday traditions: giving books out on Halloween and volunteering during Christmas Day.

Kinder moments- Not just kind, but kinder as in “be kinder than necessary.”

Year-End Thoughts: To be kinder is something I want to carry over to the new year as well. I volunteered about 160 hours. I donated blood 3 times. In November, I posted something I was grateful for everyday.

Other moments- I went to a Blazers game. I got really sick for the first time 16 years. I moved to a new place. I had jury duty service. I also started to let things go. As I wrote on Facebook, "It's actually more positive than it sounds. When you let go, you create more space for the people and things that make you happy. When you let go, you give others the opportunity to be happy. When you let go, make sure you do it out of love."

How was your 2014? What moments did you enjoy?

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