Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Year in Review

I started 2013 claiming it would be TRIUMPHANT. So, was it?

Let’s pull up what I wrote in the beginning of the year and see if I accomplished them or not.

-Remember people’s names- I still need to work on this. I figure I can focus on some of our regular customers and get to know what they like.

-Be nicer to baristas- I’m always nice to people who do their job properly.

-Be less gossipy- I quit reading all those websites and magazines earlier this year because they were usually so full of hate, lies and negativity. And the people that were getting the most space were the worst examples of human beings ever.

X- Lose 10 pounds- This definitely did not happen but neither did I gain 10 pounds so I consider that an accomplishment!

-Exercise more- I’ve walked more often than not, making it part of my daily routine when the weather and time allows for it.

-Eat less fast food- I’m definitely more conscious about what I eat. I really do think all the processed food we’re eating is causing us to be unhealthier and affecting us earlier on affecting our way of life in the future.

X- Build my savings back up
X- No more lending money
Finances are tricky.

-Read more local and new authors- This wasn’t really worded well but I did read a lot of local and new authors this year.

X- Complete my Agatha Christie collection- I will most likely do this by 2014.

X- Buy from a local bookstore once a month- This didn’t happen.

-Read at least 60 books that aren’t picture or board books- Completed
X- Read the books in my bookshelf- Ongoing
-Finish my A to Z Picture Book Series Reading Challenge- Completed
-Read all of Eric Carle books- Completed

-Learn how to cook- Not only did I cook Filipino once, I did it again. I’ve also baked and made dinner for people on several occasions. I’ve definitely been experimenting more with what ingredients I already have and what I can make out of them. Sometimes, it tastes fine. Sometimes, it tastes like failure.

X- Watch the Star Wars and Brat Pack movies- I really don’t have time to watch movies but I’ll keep trying with those Star Wars movies.

X- Monthly write

-Go to Vegas for my 30th birthday in April

X- Send out new Christmas cards- Time and finances were against me on these!

X- Go to San Francisco for Christmas?
X- Save money to go to the Philippines Christmas 2014
As much as I want to be with families, time, finances and sometimes the weather just don’t work for me.

As for going back to school, I did end up taking some non-credit classes online. And I did send for my transcripts and talk to an advisor this summer but once again finances were the hold up. Plus, I have to re-evaluate my plan on becoming a teacher because the idea I have of it is very romanticized.

I learned not to be too hard on myself. I can’t expect things to work out the way I want them to all the time and when I want them. I can only do my best, keep trying, and not give up

Another thing I was working on last year was to DO LESS BUT WITH MORE MEANING. I stuck with the things that made me happy while still exploring other opportunities. I wasn’t trying to fill up my days with things to do just for the sake of it.

While checking off things on this list, in no way were they the only factors in determining whether I had a good year or not.

I’m a lot happier now. I’m excited about what the future holds for me. I love envisioning what waits for me there- and figuring out the way to that life. So, yes, I’ll declare 2013 TRIUMPHANT!

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