Tuesday, January 15, 2013

IN WHICH you’ll eat what may be the best or worst food of your life

No one has reported getting food poisoning so I’m going to declare the dinner a success.

One of my goals for the longest time had been to learn how to cook a meal. And I finally went through with it!

I always thought I would make some sort of Italian dish- fettucine alfredo with chicken and vegetables- since that’s my favorite. But I think it’s because I’ve also been trying to reconnect with my Filipino culture that I decided on pancit and lumpia. Those were definitely food I remember growing up and which I enjoyed eating.

I also decided to invite a few people since I didn’t want to go through all the trouble to cook for myself. Where’s the fun in that? In the end, there would be 16 people (including myself) and I’ve got to say I was overwhelmed. But I’m so appreciative to everyone who came to the dinner, brought a meal or drinks, helped out, actually ate the food, and didn’t get sick. (And, thanks to my Mom for giving me the recipe and instructions!)

The best part for me wasn’t being able to finally cross this item off my list but seeing people come together. Thanks, again!

Filipino Fun Facts cards that I made so there would be an educational component to the evening!

Filipino Fun Facts cards- Basic information
Filipino Fun Facts cards- A very abstract rendition of the Philippines

Filipino Fun Facts cards- The flag

Filipino Fun Facts cards- The alphabet

Filipino Fun Facts cards- Someone said I should have mentioned Corazon Aquizon, the 11th President of the Philippines, and the first (and, so far, only) woman to have held that office.

Filipino Fun Facts cards- Phrases

Filipino Fun Facts cards- Phrases

Filipino Fun Facts cards- A little information about the food being served

Filipino Fun Facts cards- Some more phrases. I tried to pick ones that people might actually end up using in everyday life

Ingredient for the pancit

Ingredient for the lumpia

Lumpia wrappers

Carrots. Not fingers.



My super helper of the evening!

Another helper! Another Asian!

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