Thursday, January 3, 2013


2013 will be TRIUMPHANT! I know I used the term already during my Season of Service, Summer of Spark challenge in August but that was one of the best and productive times of my life. And since it worked so well then, I figured I might as well continue it throughout the year.

One of my focuses is to DO LESS but with MORE MEANING. Last year, I volunteered 315 hours. I’ll continue to volunteer. I have my regular shifts for Multnomah County Library and the Children’s Book Bank. Helping out at so many organizations has taught me (1) to try new things and (2) what I like and don’t like to do. It’s helped me realize that I should be focusing on what I want and like to be doing.

I read 324 books last year. Because of my multiple reading challenges (Caldecott, Dr. Seuss and A to Z Picture Book Series), working at a children’s bookstore, and just because I enjoy those kinds of books anyway, 247 were picture books, including 9 board books. My goal was to read at least 60 books and I ended up reading 77. This year, I want to get more out of the books I read.

As I’ve mentioned in my other blog, “The Chronicles Of A Children’s Book Writer,” my other focus is my Commitment to Literacy. If I can get everyone I know to get a library card and/or (but preferably and) to read at least one book this year, then I’d be happy/ happier. If this post has made you do any of those things, let me know. If you already have a library card, tell me. If you’ve read a book this year already, please share your thoughts on it with me.

Also, for every comment on that blog, I will donate a book to the Children’s Book Bank. (I have blog goals as well which you can read there.)

I want to be better at my work. I love bookselling and I love recommending titles to our customers so a way I can do this is to read books we get in store. Another thing I can do is to figure out how to let people know about us.

I want to be a better board member. Stepping up to chair the Marketing and Membership committee, I need to get more members to join and more people to like our Facebook and Twitter pages.

I want to go back to school and get the degrees necessary to become an educator. I’m sure I’m still going to be a writer (eventually) but while that’s not happening at a pace to my liking, I figured I’d focus on something I’m equally passionate and interested about. To me, they tie in together with my Commitment to Literacy.

Here are some of other my goals:
-Remember people’s names
-Be nicer to baristas
-Be less gossipy (Although, I think I tend to share information or opinions more than I actually gossip)
-Lose 10 pounds
-Exercise more- at least 45 minutes and doing other things besides walking and the elliptical
-Eat less fast food
-Build my savings back up
-No more lending money
-Read more local and new authors
-Complete my Agatha Christie collection
-Buy from a local bookstore once a month
-Read at least 60 books that aren’t picture or board books
-Read the books in my bookshelf
-Finish my A to Z Picture Book Series Reading Challenge
-Read all of Eric Carle books
-Learn how to cook
-Watch the Star Wars and Brat Pack movies
-Monthly write
-Go to Vegas for my 30th birthday in April
-Send out new Christmas cards
-Go to San Francisco for Christmas?
-Save money to go to the Philippines Christmas 2014

Please feel free to share your resolutions with me!

I know that most of my accomplishments are in part due to people helping, encouraging, and supporting me and I know that will continue to be the case. Here’s to a TRIUMPHANT year to all of us!

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