Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Step Up

After slacking off the past couple months and losing focus, I think it's time for another month-long challenge. I know it sounds hokey already- and add to it that I like naming them- but it works for me. I've realized though that I need to be specific with my actions and the reasons behind them.

October's challenge is to "Step Up" because I want to bring everything I've already done to another level. Step up my writing. Step up my exercising. Step up my savings. Step up my volunteering.

Also, life has presented so many opportunities that I've passed on because I let fear, shame, laziness, other people's expectations, and self-doubt get the best of me. But, by stepping up, things can be so much better than they are now.

I'll share my goals for this month in the next few days since it won't start until October. Once again, everyone is invited to join me in my challenge. What will you step up to?

Edited to add on 10/01/11:

Here are my Step Up goals:

Start keeping and filling up a notebook for one month
Do 30 minutes of focused writing everyday
Write a review for every book read
Read one new author in the A to Z Children’s Picture Book Series Challenge
Lose 5 pounds
Exercise 5X/week including 2X/wk in the fitness center
No Spending Days 4X/wk
Limit eating out 2X/wk
Vegetarian Days 3X/wk (unless it’s a some sort of party or event)
No Food Court or Fast Food restaurants except Subway
Cook something using fresh ingredients
Fall Cleaning
Do Halloweeny stuff (i.e. carving pumpkins, going to corn mazes and haunted houses, etc.)
Maintain blogs
Buy ticket for Las Vegas trip


Carly D. said...

I need to step up my journaling. I specifically need to carve out an hour or so a day to reflect on my goals and my daily experiences. I recently read some of my journals from 1999 and it was amazing to get insight into the details of my daily life at that time.

Crissy said...

Vegas Trip!?!? When are you coming. Check out Spirit Airlines, they are new and have some extremely cheap rates. Miss you!