Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Being Vegetarian

When I found out that one of my friends' doctors suggested she switch to a vegetarian diet for whatever ails her, I figured I can show my support by dabbling in it as well. Not to the full extent as she would have to but this would be at least something. For me, I don't really consider a meal complete unless there's meat so this was going to be a challenge for me.

My original goal was just to be vegetarian twice a week but when I realized it was relatively easy not to eat meat, I decided I could up it to four times a week. And that was basically my guideline for how I defined a vegetarian: someone who doesn't eat meat. I would continue consuming chocolates, cookies, dairy products, etc.

I also wanted to be vegetarian for a whole week, which I just recently completed. How do I feel? What did I learn?

There really were no health benefits for me because I was still eating a lot of processed foods. Perhaps that's why I didn't feel any change in energy. Instead of eating healthy lively food, I was still eating junk. And I wasn't getting enough protein just because I was too focused on what I shouldn't be eating that I forgot about what I should be incorporating in my diet. Obviously I have many things to learn but at least I am even more mindful of what I put in my body. I'm happy to say that I can see myself as being a moderate (occasional) vegetarian.

There are many tasty vegetarian options out there. Although as I took a bite out of a veggie burger patty or a curried tofu, I couldn't help but think how much more delicious the dish would have been if it had some form of dead animal on it.

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