Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Into Shape

My self-imposed monthly challenges have reminded me of the things I'm able to accomplish when I only set my mind to do so.

April's was to write a haiku every day which coincided with National Poetry Month. I dubbed May's as Spring Into Shape (or SIS) with the intention of getting physically and financially fit. Here are the goals I set up for myself:

  • Lose 5 pounds (x)

  • Exercise 3X a week for 30 minutes (*)

  • Keep a food journal (x)

  • Get a free credit report (*)

  • Limit blended caffeinated beverages to once a week (x)

  • No fast food except McDonald's and Taco Bell (*)

  • Limit eating out 2X a week (x)

  • No Spending Days 3X a week (*)

  • No more work burritos (*)
(*) Goal met
(x) Goal not met

It was early on in the SIS challenge that I decided I didn't want to continue keeping a food journal. I'm too much of a foodie to keep track of every single thing I eat. Consequently, the limiting of blended coffee drinks and eating out fell to the wayside.

I would say though that my No Spending Days were effective in not making me eat as much. Plus I really did become more aware of my eating portions.

As for exercising, this is definitely something I'll be carrying over. The physical aspect of SIS wasn't necessarily to lose weight but to incorporate healthy life choices.

To meet my financial goals, I've got to say I'm grateful for gift cards. No Spending Days have been fun but I'll probably cut it down to only once or twice a week, emphasizing more on how much I spend on any given day.

It's weird I didn't think to continue a writing challenge but that'll be soon remedied. I look forward to future challenges!

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