Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 Days of Haiku

April was National Poetry Month. As a little challenge to myself, I figured I'd try to capture each day's events or emotions or thoughts into a haiku. You would think it'll be easy but those s-words were tricky. I wouldn't be surprised if I have some missing or extra syllables here and there. I'd like to point out though that real haikus are more than just meeting the 5/7/5 syllable pattern. I would recommend that people find out more online but these are mine.

The trouble with fools/ is they repeat their mistakes/ It's time for a change
Cherry blossoms bloom/ all along the waterfront/ Spring's here, finally
Spiraling upwards,/ Reaching new heights, aspiring/ to be what I dream
Pitter, patter, rain/ Off to work, day one of five/ Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
What awaits yonder?/ Nothing but sadness or... OR.../ Something wonderful?
It's now or never-/ to do something worthwhile or/ fade into nothing
Twenty-four seven/ there's nothing new to report/ but bad news, it seems
The whole world's aglow/ Does the light come from the sun/ Or somewhere within?
Just a lazy day/ sleeping in and vegging out/ nothing wrong with that
The trains go by, bye/ To places I've never been/ perhaps someday I'll
It's hard being nice/ when all they want is your blood-/ at least there's cookies
The sun shines above/ and the brook babbles below/ there is peace within
Open your hearts, minds-/ you shall get more than you give./ Kindness is the key.
Whoosh, whoosh, life goes by/ Sometimes you need to slow down/ Breathe in, out, repeat
Elevate my soul/ I am not here, not myself/ Your words are magic
Kindness surprises / but is appreciated- / very much, indeed.
Sunshiny spring day/ my soul opens up, receives/ this much welcomed light
Sigh. What was today/ but a fleeting memory,/ a moment now passed?
The present is now./ The future... well, who can say?/ The past: history.
To those who greeted,/ thank you for the well-wishes./ Happiness inside.
Into the dark night,/ we go in search of ourselves/ to bring into light.
The moments we had/ now just snapshots of what were-/ fleeting, everlast
Basking in the sun/ with nature all around me/ quiet perfection
In a state of flux/ constantly in between/ neither here nor there
Hearts break and they mend./ Resilient, yes, but the tears/ they leak through the cracks.
Sadness surprises/ like sudden downpour of rain/ on a sunny day
Intoxicated/ The night is young, the stars bright/ Pitcher is half full
The world is spinning/ all the horses at full speed/ merrily go round
Your words are nonsense/ outrageous and laughable/ balderdashery
My words fill the world/ be it written or spoken/ and all I can give

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