Saturday, April 20, 2013

Triumphant 30's/ Dreams

The first quarter of 2013 wasn’t exactly as triumphant as I had hoped it would be so I’m looking forward to being thirty and focusing on Dreams. Not just mine but everyone else’s. I feel like I’m going to be awesome eventually but I want everybody to be their awesome selves as well! In fact, I am happier when the people I care about are happy also. I’m inspired when I hear about their dreams and the actions their taking to achieve them.

(Coincidentally, Mariah Carey has a new fragrance called Dreams so it’s very fitting.)

The past few months haven’t been a total dud though. Being a bookseller continues to be something I love doing. I was in a writers’ group- even though it was short lived. As the chair for the Friends of the Library’s Marketing and Membership committee, I helped organize a fundraising event. I’ve been walking consistently as part of my exercise routine.

I’ve been having festive birthday moments with family and friends. Whether it’s being treated to a Josh Groban theater concert or a play at Portland Center Stage, a library hop road trip, a surprise party, a weeklong Vegas vacation involving buffets, bowling and books, and multiple other things, it’s all been a blast. You may be wondering how I’m able to talk so much about my birthday considering I’d already about it on my other two blogs. But I love birthdays- especially my own. It’s usually these moments I feel the happiest and most celebratory and therefore inspired.

I’m looking forward to a Triumphant 30’s and realizing my Dreams.

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Taylor Browning said...

I enjoyed the Mariah Carey shout out. : ) You are ALREADY amazing/awesome/inspiring! I think your birthday activities are evidence of how many people you have positively impacted. It is about the process, not the end result. I really appreciate that we are a house of constant self improvers... I learn from you guys daily (when I see you). My current mantra: health, love, compassion, knowledge, back to nature, community, healing. Enjoy the rest of your birthday adventures! Love, Tay