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Disney Animated Films Ranked from Best to Worst

About a year or so ago, I decided to watch all the Disney animated films in reverse chronological order. I don't know why I added that particular rule. Perhaps it was to force myself to watch the newer movies first?

It's interesting to see how Pinocchio actually surpassed The Sword in the Stone as my favorite movie. I don't think I had rewatched Pinocchio since I was 5 years old- or even younger. I definitely wore out our VHS copy of it. I guess I didn't want to ruin my memory of it. If I had watched it again and didn't like it, it would have felt like saying goodbye to another part of my childhood, when everything still seemed wonderful and magical.

But, I'm digressing, spiraling. Watching these films- some for the first time, some who knows how many times- reminded me that the world is indeed still full of possibilities and creativity. Our dreams define so much of who we were and who we are and, though they may be different, is what connects us to others.

Walt Disney is one of my Imagination Icons.

I tweeted my thoughts after watching each one so I've included those along with the ranking.

(5 Stars)
PINOCCHIO since is as full of wonder and magic as I remember. (Way better than Snow White)
Rewatching my fave #Disneymovie of all time- THE SWORD IN THE STONE. A feel-good movie w/great characters & wonderful story! I love it!
THE LION KING is classic #Disney Even after all these years, the story, songs & art still stand out
THE LITTLE MERMAID. The story and songs are #classic.
 ALADDIN. Great story & songs.
 I remember not liking BEAUTY & THE BEAST but rewatching it for my #Disney Challenge I was totally captivated by the story
How can you go wrong w/ ALICE IN WONDERLAND? Fun, fantastic, whimsical wordplay galore!
For all its faults, BAMBI truly is a classic film. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, or remembered. Very artistic.
101 DALMATIANS is a 1derful #Disney film! Artsy, stylish. Gr8 characters & some of the meanest meanies ever!
PETER PAN is hard not to like. Truly a #Disney classic filled w/all the magic & wonder we come to expect!
SNOW WHITE is truly an accomplishment in animation! (Found her voice annoying!)
FANTASIA - A fun great way to combine music & art for the whole family! (Too long!)
#‎BIGHERO6‬ was so good, I would watch it again! Action-packed scenes and emotional moments provide a satisfying movie! ‪#‎DisneyChallenge‬
THE ARISTOCATS is another great #Disney film. The kittens were adorable. The mouse sounded like Winnie-the-Pooh!
ROBIN HOOD has definitely made my top #Disney animated movies. A fun family film with great characters!
MULAN is classic #Disney w/ a strong story, memorable songs, laughter, action, & heart.
Impressed w/ #Disney 's POCAHONTAS! Strong story & characters. The music fit in w/ the movie so well. Truly #Classic

(4 Stars)
While singing mice are creepy & we have yet another mute prince, CINDERELLA is classic.
 LILO & STITCH is a surprisingly good movie. Liked the original story & animation choices. Welcome back, #Disney !
TARZAN was surprisingly good- despite the Phil Collins songs. Great animation. Fascinating story. Wouldn't mind watching again.
Didn't think I'd like THE PRINCESS & THE FROG but I did. Unexpected turns made this movie shine. Makes you believe again.
OLIVER & COMPANY was a good #Disney film even if it didn't make 100% sense & too short. Good music, characters. Interesting illustrations.
THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE was a fun #Disney film, a great homage to Sherlock Holmes. Wish there were more!
Just watched TANGLED. Disney hasn't lost all its magic. Great, creative storytelling that inspires. I want to watch them all now.
THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE is a funny slapstick buddy movie. Great vocal talents.
Could've done w/o the gargoyles & music but THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME was an OK #Disney movie. So not for kids though!
Watched THE MANY ADVENTURES OF WINNIE THE POOH. So simple & charming.
 Just watched #Disney 51: WINNIE THE POOH. Wished it didn't end so soon! Interesting scene at the end of the credits. PS- I dislike Tigger.

(3 Stars)
THE FOX & THE HOUND sure was violent! But enjoyable. Interesting backstory. Strong message of friendship.
While not the best movie ever, MEET THE ROBINSONS sure has heart- almost a love letter to Walt Disney & his vision. Keep Moving Forward
CHICKEN LITTLE is fun & such a throwback to its vintage style.
WRECK-IT RALPH is a fun enough #Disney film. Hated Sarah Silverman's voice & character. Had its moments.
HOME ON THE RANGE mayn't be a Disney classic- at times, it tries too hard to be funny- but it was quite enjoyable. Very country.
THE THREE CABALLEROS was quite enjoyable despite centering around Donald Duck. Mostly fun segments, inventive & imaginative.
The problem w/SLEEPING BEAUTY is the characters are practically mute and non-existent. It is, at least, very pretty to watch.
BOLT is a pretty good movie. After the gimmicky beginning, there's an actual story. #Disney has been lacking in memorable songs though.

(2 Stars)
LADY AND THE TRAMP. Quite lackluster but the spaghetti scene remains memorable even now!
I didn't particularly care for #Disney's THE JUNGLE BOOK but who can't not like Baloo the Bear?
ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE is a fun, great adventure but it didn't feel like a #Disney film at all. No songs!
Watched FROZEN. Didn't understand all the raves about it. There were moments but not enough to make it interesting. Songs were OK. ‪#‎Disney‬
MELODY TIME had some good moments but nothing quite great.
SALUDOS AMIGOS was an interesting almost documentary like entry in the #Disney films. It's amazing to think how much impact animation had.

(1 Star)
MAKE MINE MUSIC alternated between boring and really boring- except for one or two shorts. I actually fell asleep watching this.
FUN AND FANCY FREE is an odd entry in the #Disney collection. Another package feature. Rather dark. Not particularly enjoyable.
DUMBO was kind of dumb and depressing. Cute, though, at times.        
THE RESCUERS seemed like a redundant addition to the #Disney canon
I need to remember not all #Disney movies are supposed to be musicals! They can showcase the latest in animation-THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER
DINOSAUR was kind of pointless. Though I guess visually compelling, the story was weak. Watch THE LAND BEFORE TIME instead.

(0 Stars)
THE ADVENTURES OF ICHABOD AND MR. TOAD is super lame w/ unlikable characters. It did have some good moments.
HERCULES was incredibly lame. Weak plot points. Horrible songs. Uninteresting characters. Mediocre illustrations.
TREASURE PLANET was another weak #Disney film. Ugly illustrations. Unnecessary "cute" characters.
Nothing about THE BLACK CAULDRON screamed #Disney. It's like an extremely lame version of THE SWORD IN THE STONE!
BROTHER BEAR. Simply horrible! Bad animation & weak, nonsensical storyline.

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