Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Season of Service, Summer of Spark: Volunteering

Today I accomplished my goal of volunteering 200 hours! As this was already a modified goal- originally, I aimed for 100 hours for 2012 but I had met that by the end of May- I’m feeling quite triumphant.

Of course, I have my favorite organizations which I’ll probably support for life- Friends of the Multnomah County Library, Write Around Portland, The Children's Book Bank, Wordstock, and Multnomah County Library.

I also have some I like enough to go a somewhat regular basis- American Red Cross, Oregon Food Bank, and Schoolhouse Supplies- and places I’ve been meaning to visit again- Potluck in the Park and Kateri Park.

And, I’ve been checking out ones I’ve never done before and always wanted to try- Blanchet House of Hospitality and Loaves & Fishes- with plenty more to look forward to- Jean's Place and SCRAP!

One of the best things about volunteering has been meeting new people. Whether they’re just volunteering “just because” or for school/community service, it’s great to see them helping others and being part of something bigger and greater than themselves.

Recently, I met a family who travel to different states every summer and volunteer at each one. I talked to a guy who was volunteering for every day this month.

There have also been volunteers who’ve turned to bloggers and I want to share their sites with you.

Nature of A Servant- http://www.natureofaservant.com/ - I only met Andee once at the Children’s Book Bank but I’ve become one of her blog’s biggest fan. Her goal is to volunteer at least once every week this year! It’s been fun to read where she turns out next!

Give Our Time- http://giveourtime.com/ - Eric and I were both in the same Hands On TeamWorks team earlier this summer. He writes about how we can give our time to “become the people we really want to be.” What I like about his blog is that he shares so many ways- both big and small- that we can make a difference.

The Dana Project- http://katesdanaproject.blogspot.com/ - Kate was another TeamWorks participant. Her fairly new blog, in her own words, “is an experiment in generosity. I am volunteering 10% of my waking hours for one year (July 1st 2012-July 1st 2013). That’s 1.6 hours a day, 11.2 hours a week, 48 hours a month, and 585 hours over the course of the year.” Of course, I wish her the best!

I would appreciate it if you check out the organizations and blogs mentioned in this post. I would love to hear your own volunteering story!

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